Our products...

  • are all 100% natural dog chews

  • are made from freshest, grass-fed and hormone-free cattle from traceable farmers

  • are produced in a sanitary environment by using a special dry air baking technology

  • are of best quality and long lasting!

  • have low odor because we refuse chemicals

  • are of different sizes and shapes to satisfy your dog throughout all stages of development

  • are easy to digest

  • are irradiated and tested to be free of salmonella and other pathogens

  • keep your dogs busy for hours while promoting the oral health (teeth and gums)

  • have no added fillers or preservatives

  • have no added artificial colors or flavors

  • have no added added sugar, fat or fragrances

  • have no added hormones, antibiotics or toxins

  • meet USDA / FDA regulations


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